Girlfriends or wives From Makedonian

In the Old Testament book of Judges, we have a description of incident where a group of Israelites come into the land of Midian. During their trek throughout the wilderness, an example of their party was struck by a wild animal. The female victim’s partner brought out a knife to guard her from your attack with the animal. The knife penetrated her belly and induced her to reduce her uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child. This is certainly in immediate contrast towards the description of Israelite’s wives or girlfriends being ravished by the Egyptians.

How can we reconcile these two stories? A person answer is the fact women was treated seeing that domestic maids in the property of Midian and when that they crossed over to Canaan, these people were considered as „bargaining chips” by Canaanites. Because of this, they were regularly kidnapped and made to serve as wives to get the wealthier members from the community. It is a kind of sociable group in which slaves might typically always be owned and had sexual connections try what she says with slave-owners. So what on earth do we do with ladies who are raped and hereafter have their unborn children killed by their husbands? These folks were known as Canaanite’s wives who were being cured as if we were holding commodities.

The Our god of Israel made it very clear that he was never going to make those that had been „stolen” from his Midianite’s handle them like commodities. This individual insisted that Canaanite’s spouses are remedied like God’s properties. The size of their treatment may seem to be unfair because they were made property, but are used to this kind of in every way of life. One option would be to retain an attorney focusing on protecting unborn child and fighting just for the legal rights of battered ladies and make sure that these kinds of laws happen to be upheld.