Let me make it clear about Backyard Chickens

Let me make it clear about Backyard Chickens


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We specialise in launching birds to families which have never ever had birds of the very own, providing lots of practical tips and hints which will help your chickens quickly adapt to their new house.

Backyard Chickens are simpler to take care of than you might think

The requirements of birds are simple; shelter through the the weather, a place that is comfortable lay eggs, a tiny area to scratch around in, fresh water and plenty of kitchen area or yard scraps. Chickens will be the foundation of recycling and composting in your yard switching kitchen area scraps into fresh eggs and supply fertiliser for the veggie yard and compost.

Most of all, do you know what they eat and so understand the quality of this eggs you consume.

No hormones, no addressed feeds, no cramped cages, simply a life that is good your hens, and fresh healthy eggs for you personally!

An evaluation which you need certainly to taste on your own.

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You will end up astonished during the huge difference consuming an egg that is just an hour or 5 minutes old day! With calcium rich difficult shells, the yolks are big and stuffed high in important nourishment. The white is filled with human anatomy and hugs the yolk whenever you crack it in your pan that is frying only lads log in for. Cakes and muffins are and much more moist in comparison to cooking with shop purchased eggs.

Having chickens means

Greeting your ‘girls’ with in the and be thanked with a warm freshly laid egg for breakfast morning.

Realizing that your eggs are coming from delighted hens which are not cooped up in inhumane cages.

You may be sure the eggs you will be consuming are nutritionally superior since they are organic and fresh.

Suburban Farmer Services And Products

Just just How you can be helped by us

If you wish to talk with somebody about getting birds for the yard, call Mark on 0497 332 610 or complete our on line kind

Chicken FAQs

The idea of keeping birds raises a complete lot of concerns:

Why keep chickens?

Simple – Fresh eggs! Which are the age that is real of ‘fresh’ eggs purchased during the supermarket are? Needless to say you never, thats half of this issue. Have you been yes range that is free do not consume exactly the same modified foods that their siblings within the sheds close to them eat? The way that is best to learn you are consuming fresh eggs by free range birds would be to keep your own.

For the spending plan that is conscious are inexpensive to keep and much more if you purchase your Free number eggs. Balanced chicken feed just isn’t costly and also you do not need a lot of area to accommodate the birds.

Other grounds for maintaining birds through the taste( freshly eat a laid egg and you will understand what after all) , teaching your children the values of where their meals arises from as well as just as animals!

have always been we permitted to keep birds?

Virtually all regional councils enable birds become held into the garden. Many councils provide a couple of laws, including the number of birds you’ll keep, distance from your own fence line and pen needs.

Will hens lay eggs with out a rooster?

Yes – Hens will the exact same number of eggs whether a rooster exists or perhaps not. Suburban Farmer does not provide roosters because they generally speaking maybe not allowed under most council’s laws.

Do birds smell?

You’d be astonished to hear that chickens don’t scent. They are going to begin to smell a little if their coop is left uncleaned, the pen remains damp for an excessive period or perhaps you have actually way too many birds restricted in an area that is small. Birds are not any dissimilar to some other animal, therefore so long as their pen is held dry and reasonably clean, after that your birds is going to be odour and happy free.

Are Chickens Noisy?

Unlike roosters, hens aren’t loud – and since many councils usually do not permit roosters in residential district surroundings we deal just with hens. The noise of hens clucking within the history of the yard is very relaxing because they scrape around. Whenever hens lay an egg they generate a louder than normal clucking noise and in case the hens are unhappy or frightened they may make more sound than usual. Many councils allow as much as 9 hens per yard, which provides you a sign associated with the little sound a handful of birds make.

Do we have actually room enough? Just just How numerous birds can I have?

This primarily hinges on exactly just just how space that is much have actually and just how numerous eggs a day you will need. Birds do not need a lot of room, however they additionally don’t choose to be cooped up! The rule that is general one chicken per square metre. For a family group of four, 2-3 birds will provide eggs that are enough feed your family. Keep in mind you will definitely get about an egg per time from your chickens – so you’ll have a carton about every 4 times. The eggs could keep for 2 weeks however if an abundance is had by you, you will want to provide some to your friends and relations!

we curently have a dog and a pet

Following the introduction that is initial your current animals should can get on fine making use of their new neighbors, as well as your birds will likely spend no focus on your other animals after they are settled in. Needless to say, when you have especially aggressive dogs then a little fence splitting the dogs as well as the chickens may be arranged.

just exactly exactly What do birds consume?

Most situations! We deliver an avowed organic layer pellet, that supplies all of the nutritional elements and minerals required by birds in the laying age. This feed will be your sole option if you’re trying to find a feed where it could be proven that the ingredients have actuallyn’t been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Bread…the list goes on in addition chickens will eat anything from garden weeds, table scraps, vegetables from the garden or crisper, lawn cuttings, rice, spaghetti. You will find a things that are few shouldn’t feed birds, including dry beans, off meals and such a thing extremely salty. We offer a feeding guide to any birds clients.