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Annyeong Chingoos! What precisely Is a Koreaboo and Exactly How Have You Any Idea If You’re One?

Tiny Disclaimer: Please be embarrassed to don’t listen to K-Pop. You’ll find nothing incorrect along with it. We have to dispose of the stigma that’s attached to listening to K-Pop.

To start, what exactly is a “Koreaboo” (K-Boo)? Contributors from Urban Dictionary describe a Koreaboo as “someone who’s enthusiastic about Korean tradition a great deal they denounce their very own culture and call by themselves Korean.” Yes, you can find non-Korean individuals out here who will be claiming themselves as Korean. Individuals have even means of making their eyes into monolids * utilizing “non-toxic” glue. But, Koreaboo has additionally become an insult.

In all honesty, when anyone began to call me personally a Koreaboo, it used to truly harm my emotions a little. It hurt because individuals had been making enjoyable of one thing that really made me delighted. In addition knew that individuals were utilizing the term wrong and their definitions had been one thing I was not that I knew. Therefore, we hid the very fact that we heard K-Pop off their individuals except those that paid attention to it aswell. If you’re going to make use of the phrase Koreaboo to spell it out somebody, at the least make you’re that is sure the term right.

Many people don’t even understand where in actuality the term Koreaboo originates from. It really comes from the term “Weeaboo” which can be utilized to spell it out someone who entirely disregards their nationality and claims on their own as Japanese. These two terms are problematic it real because they insist on taking make-believe aspects of Japanese and Korean culture and making. Koreaboos idolize Korean life from K-Dramas and Weeaboos simply just simply take from anime. Admiring just specific elements of a tradition (which more often than not are entirely fake) may be insulting to Korean and Japanese individuals.

Indications You Are a Koreaboo

no. 1 After being introduced to culture that is korean you will be most of an unexpected Korean.

We don’t know why you may wish to repeat this. Don’t be that individual that is each of an unexpected Korean. You aren’t. You can’t.

It is K-Boo that is cringey behavior you need to stop it at this time. Like at this time. Just talk in a single language.

Me explain before you get mad, let. This isn’t directed to you if you’re not learning Hangul. This really is directed to those K-Boos whom just understand these expressed terms from viewing K-Dramas, paying attention for their idols talk along with other K-Boos. If you’re gonna speak in“Korean,” use Hangul just.

#4 Calling your idols “oppa” and/or “eonnie/unnie/unni”

Listen. If you’re achieving this, don’t. That is weird. Particularly when this is actually the only bit of “Korean” for the reason that phrase. This is certainly K-Boo that is pure culture.

# 5 saranghaeyo* that is using.

This pertains to # 2. Please. P L E A S E . Don’t just state or saranghae i sarang you” to your idols or anybody for instance. is appropriate. saranghae oppa is maybe maybe perhaps not appropriate.

Past all of those above, congratulations, you are not a Koreaboo if you’ve made it. The section that is next for folks who are nevertheless being called a Koreaboo and do none of this things in the above list. The next area is if you require clarification.

Things Which Do Not Move You To a Koreaboo

# 1 understanding Korean to help you keep in touch with your idols, watch K-Dramas without subtitles/not need to wait for subtitles or to comprehend the music.

Personally I think that individuals not in the world that is k-Pop to toss this term around only for learning Korean. If you’re learning Korean for just about any of the reasons or higher, that doesn’t prompt you to a Koreaboo.

I began learning Korean because i obtained into K-Pop. Since learning Korean, we knew I now “basically” speak 5 languages that I have a passion for languages and.

no. 2 paying attention to K-Pop or watching k-dramas.

I listened to K-Pop, immediately, the K-Boo jokes started when I first let people know that. This doesn’t whatsoever allow you to A koreaboo period. You want that which you like.

#3 merch that is wearing.

The things I don’t comprehend is the way I could wear an Ariana Grande concert top with no one shall state such a thing. But i possibly could wear a V.I.P. bracelet and instantly it is a big bang and I’m a Koreaboo. (in the event that you didn’t fully grasp this pun, BIGBANG is a group that is k-pop their fandom is known as “V.I.P.”)

We can’t sjust how exactly how wrong this can be. In the event that you want to wear your merch or whatever, wear your merch or any. Individuals don’t know the way high priced it really is. Buying authentic merch from Korea is super costly! a top could be $20 USD, however shipping is freaking(not literally, don’t get quoting me personally on that).

no. 4 something that is buying a shop (such as for instance food or something) this is certainly from Korea, going to Korean barbecue.

Don’t get too excited. That one has a tremendously line that is thin it may be crossed rapidly. See Rule # 5

#5 Learning more about Korean tradition.

Once again, this can be quite easy to screw up. Learning more info on Korean culture to know the social individuals, the foodstuff and also the nation is okay. Studying Korean tradition therefore that one may gradually turn your self Korean just isn’t acceptable in my own household. Because you want to try them, that’s fine if you want to buy some Korean snacks. Don’t get buying Korean material in order to claim your non-existent heritage that is korean. It’s going to be a no from me personally, sweetheart.

But we digress as typical. Liking K-Pop and/or watching K-Dramas doesn’t straight away allow you to be a Koreaboo. Should you choose some of those activities under the “Signs that you’re A Koreaboo” part, odds are … you might be one. If you should be a Koreaboo, I’m not judging you. Although, you are thought by me should tone it straight straight down. Behaving in this manner isn’t gonna enable you to get anywhere but right into A koreaboo compilation on YouTube. You, this isn’t the way if you want your “oppas” to like. So every person, continue liking K-Pop and K-Dramas although not a lot of, ya hear?

  • Annyeong Chingoos: Hello Friends (chingu/is purposefully spelled wrong)
  • Monolid: Monolid eyes are eyes that don’t have crease regarding the eyelid. Usually, most Eastern Asians have actually monolids.
  • Mutuals: somebody you follow and follows you straight back.
  • Oppa: Older cousin (used by women)
  • Saranghae(yo): you are loved by me in Korean
  • Eonnie: Older cousin (used by women)
  • Weeaboo: an individual who totally disregards their nationality and claims on their own as Japanese. They base their life about what they see from Japanese animes and music.